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This website is based on some 30 years of research by a father and son: Pieter C. Sigmond and Kees Sigmond. A page was devoted to every known ancestors of Kees Sigmond up to the 8th generation: each show the descent of that ancestor's family for as far back as we were able to establish. The family-names which have been included can be found in the index on the homepage. It is possible to "jump" from one family to the next: wives and husbands are linked to their own family-pages. The roman numbers are the generations, counted from generation I (Kees Sigmond).

Kees Sigmond has a number of genelogical and historical publications to his name.

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Against payment, Kees Sigmond takes on genealogical research. Research is concentrated on the area of the South-Holland islands and the cities of Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Research in the archives has a fixed rate of 25 Euro/hour (ab. US$36/hour), travelling-expenses and photocopies/photo's excluded. Payment by cheque/postal-order or through is possible. To get an idea of the possibilities, a preliminary research of 2 hours is customary. After that, a further plan of investigation is made, in consultation with the client. The researcher can refuse an assignment, for instance if it's outside his area. Results of the investigation will be laid down in a report, which will be sent to the client after payment has been received. For more info, or an assignment to investigate the roots of your family, send an e-mail.

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